Local And UK Fairtrade Suppliers In The UK

As a customer and individual interested in Fairtrade items in Kendal and the UK area, you have the ability to request your local shops and retailers supply fairtrade products as a normal offering that you wish to buy. Although you can turn to the internet, approaching these companies may have a positive outcome and seeing more varieties offered on your doorstep as well as enabling customers not yet introduced to Fairtrade, an option to support the cause also.

In the almost twenty five years that the Fairtrade movement has been operating, there has been a phenomenal growth in the variety of products that are available under their umbrella branding. All of which seek to alleviate the stresses and strains that the global economic demand for cheaper goods puts on businesses and workers in the developing world.

In the UK there are over three hundred individual enterprises and business which are licensed to manufacture and sell Fairtrade products. The range of products include the obvious Fairtrade chocolate, biscuits, tea and coffee which began the movement.

The organisation has grown to encompass such wares as Fairtrade body care and cosmetics, general gifts and award winning Fairtrade wines, with beans, pulses, cookery ingredients and exotic foods. These are items that retailers can all place for sale within their normal inventory and product lines and rather than have a separate section for Fairtrade, you are actively encouraged to merge the items with related produce and goods in your displays.

For an extensive list of Fairtrade suppliers you can view a list here. A brief overview of British suppliers or suppliers to the UK market are chocolate with Plamil and Booja Booja, perfumes, candles and gifts from Maroma. Pukka brings incredible and fresh tasting exotic herbs and Doves Farm goes that extra mile to provide cookies, pasta and cereal bars incorporating Fairtrade cooking ingredients.

You can also browse Qi, Siesta Crafts, Traidcraft, Equal Exchange, Fair Squared, Green and Blacks, Cafe Direct, Grumpy Mule, Hampstead Tea, King Soba and Clipper, Cocoa Loco and Divine for more inspirational products which help workers and business get a fair price for their products in the UK economy.

Often vendors that operate in the fairtrade sector also offer other niche varieties also. This allows you to fulfil your stock requirements with one particular supplier rather than keeping others on the books. Organic, gluten free and dairy free products are often sold alongside Fairtrade inventory.