How Businesses And Individuals Can Support Fairtrade In Kendal And The UK

Fairtrade is a worldwide product offering that any business or organisation can utilise to fulfil a range of needs within their company. Whether based in Kendal or another region of the UK.

If you are seeking out opportunities which offer ethical stand points and a better relationship with the public, then entering into a venture surrounding Fairtrade is a great way to participate in ways to battle poverty, offer thought about the environment and spread awareness about safe working environments.

If you are a retailer then there is a great swathe of Fairtrade products and produce that you can sell on to your customers in Kendal and throughout the UK. These range from wines, to biscuits, fruit and even toys and clothing. All of which can carry the Fairtrade mark, you can even have a specific Fairtrade section on your shop floor.

A business can also support the Fairtrade movement and spread the word about its great intentions and how it is a work in progress that achieves aims on a daily a basis. If you have a vending machine you could use Fairtrade Coffee and tea instead. A canteen could also serve tinned Fairtrade foods and offer exotic items as part of the menu.

Even if it's just an office meeting where Fairtrade tea and biscuits are offered, these are all great ways to support fairtrade and also provide for a talking point. Businesses can benefit hugely from its association with Fairtrade and accomplish several of its corporate responsibilities in one fell swoop.

Kendal schools and colleges and universities around the UK are also keen to get involved. As much as businesses can become fairtrade approved and Kendal can be a Fairtrade town, so too can schools become Fairtrade schools. A Fairtrade Action box while help achieve this aim.

A place of learning is a great way to encourage children and illuminate about the concepts of fairtrade. teachers can gain access to a wide range of educational material to assist in the classroom. "The Fairtrade Foundation produces 'Fairtrade in Your School' a free resource that aims to enable teachers to introduce and develop the concept of Fairtrade in the classroom from Key Stage 2 to 16+."

So don't ask what your Kendal can do for you, ask what you can do as part of Kendal Fairtrade Town and for people in another country that simply wish to be able to survive the day working and then to head home and be able to afford to feed their family after.